Club History

Club history

The dojo was started in 1987 by Trevor Chapman, now kendo 6th Dan.

The dojo was officially named in 1988 by Yuji Nakata sensei 8th Dan Kyoshi whilst he was visiting England as an instructor with the All Japan Kendo federation.

Kashi-No Ki Kenyu Kai roughly translates as “spirit of the evergreen oak, friends of the association”, a reflection of the dojo’s location in Sherwood Forest.

In 1990, the dojo was visited by Hiroshi Ozawa 8th Dan, author of “Kendo – The Definitive Guide”, a highly respected kendo teacher who makes annual trips to the dojo to deliver a longstanding seminar attended by kendoka from across the country. Trevor continues to make frequent trips to Japan to study and practice with Ozawa sensei in the hope of adopting the style and training methods of Ozawa sensei and his dojo members at Kobukan.