Kendo Practice

Practice times

We practice at the Dukeries Leisure Centre in New Ollerton on:

  • Thursday evenings (8.15pm  until 9.45pm)

And also at Manor Sports Centre in Mansfield Woodhouse on:

  • Sunday mornings (10am until midday)

Please use the postcode NG22 9JJ to find the Dukeries Leisure Centre (located next to the Dukeries Academy Secondary School), and use NG18 8NY for Manor Sports Centre. Practice starts at the times given, please arrive in plenty of time to get changed and to help set up the dojo and sweep the floor.


Each practice costs £7 per adult or £4 per child (under 18s) or if you’re unemployed. Regular members are encouraged to pay £30 per month via standing order (this is the cheapest option and covers two practices per week). We are a not-for-profit club run by volunteers and no-one receives any fees for teaching.

Practice format

Most practices will follow a set format, starting with kata practice (no armour, with wooden swords known as bokken). Following kata, there is a group warm up before we put on armour and practice with shinai (bamboo swords), which includes the refining of technique through the repetition of strikes. At the end of practice, experienced kendoka in armour take part in jigeiko (sparring).


Before starting kendo, we advise you to come and watch a practice session so you can understand what is involved. If, after watching a session, you are still interested, you will need to purchase temporary membership with the British Kendo Association – this includes insurance cover for yourself and those who will practice with you. We advise you not to buy any equipment or clothing for at least the first month of training; the club will lend you a shinai and bokken to practice with and you can wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes until you are ready to purchase the hakama and gi (club members will advise you on where best to purchase these).

Please note, the minimum age for practice is 12 years old.